Why to get Business Cards designed?

In the digital period that all of us are existing into – communication happens on social mediums and meetings through virtual modes. Amidst all of these advances one might assume that just like conventional modes are replaced by the technological innovations, so are the business cards getting faded with vast information available freely to the target audience. Well readers, this is far from truth. One of the 2017 Survey findings states that 27 million business cards are printed daily. Scale this figure – test your imagination and then come back to our title – Is designing business cards still important? I bet your answer would be affirmative.

Today digital marketing is that hotspot area that none of the companies can afford losing in this particular space. But let’s just take a retreat to our fundamentals.  A decade back when we lacked a deep internet penetration, when smart devices were yet to become a part of our normal life – the face of our firm was nobody but our business card. So metaphorically, if digital media acts as business’ wings, then a professional business card as its roots. Here in this blog further we will be explaining you why designing a business card is of utmost importance even amidst these dynamic scenarios


Elemental Impression

Envision yourself in a high profile meeting with your potential client. As a corporate protocol, while greeting you exchange your business cards. Stop your minds right here. Before even you know, your first impression is made already. Think of it in this manner – your business card is your business face. Well in direct sense, it has also the information to reach out to you. But literary, it acts as annexure to your physical form. Your visitor gauges a lot about you, your company, and its values by the very first sight of your card.  And who wishes to portray a feeble initial impression? None right!

And here comes our first consideration. We have come across so many cards that are printed randomly – are completely nonaligned with their core business and have been presented just for the sake of it. The very opportunity of rendering yourself as a trustworthy professional value driven brand is gone and so is your connection. Thus designing your card in an executive and elite manner is very much crucial. It is a small investment with unprecedented benefits. Your cards eases your instant connection and pushes your brand to seemingly be trustworthy.


A Perfect Marketing Means

To newbies, exchanging card would seem like an old unnecessary tradition. But we cannot ignore the fact that our Business Cards are the most effective direct marketing tools existing till date. The cards comes with a personal touch imbibed. An exchange of information by cards is considered to be more intimate than an exchange over an email or a text. And moreover, it has the advantage of its tangibility. In times when we are all bombarded with millions of marketing messages – whose recall value would barely be of seconds, our cards give a pretty long memory life. Your card is your brand. Just like we design our brands like our children, it is necessary to nurture our cards in a similar manner.

Design your cards as an extension to your business. It is a portable branding strategy that would work efficiently only and only if you have judiciously been able to reflect your company through this 3.5 X 2 inches piece. The shades, typography, card constitution every single thing speaks distinctively a characteristic of your brand.  Make no mistake by presenting an amateur card. Your card design should correspond to the type of industry you are into. It carries with itself an absolute competitive advantage and gets your brand to stand out uniquely from the clutter.


Makes our business more legitimate

As obvious as this title might sound to you, it has a lot of implied connotations. A card gives a confirmation to your business, makes it more trustworthy. The better the design – the more reliable it is considered to be.  It is like a living proof of your existence and of your working space. Your tracing can be happened with all the ease and your offerings are now more exposed to your clients. The fact that you have presented them with a card itself gives an impression that you care. You care for your client – for your impression in their eyes and depicts an effort that is silently applauded.


In a nutshell, no matter how ahead we proceed in these digital era, some things are better old school.
Business cards are no near to become vulnerable given that it being mandatory in so many cultures across the globe. Do not make the mistake of taking these sheets for granted as they carry the potential of making and breaking your business. Design your cards with maximum sincerity and do not devoid of devoting the necessary effort. It is the best-selling proposition you can ever get hold of. Handle it with care!