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Essencea - Logo Design

Essencea is a company which uses the latest international technologies, procedures, medicines and healing modality to provide beauty and wellness solutions to satisfy the needs and aspiration their of clientele.

The logo has to be unisex and very targetted, their brief said so. Therefore, to design a logo for the company, the team of the logo designing company in Bangalore did a detailed study on the business and came up with the attached design. Essencea is still deciding which one to choose from the submitted ones.

The red one has a silhouette of man and woman with a drop in the background (depicting essence) and an “e” in the foreground.

The blue one has a pattern is a combination of “e”, “s” and ultimately a symbolism of beauty. This is then being poured into the word essences, depicting the term essence. The blue color is used as it depicts wellness.




    Branding, Logo Design

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    Gunjan Jain

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