Why to get a Logo Designed

We literally wake up in an advertisements bizarre world. In the digital media age that we are all a part of, an individual is exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements per day. Folks, we are talking about a minimum of 4000 brands that a person would be interacting with each single day. Now just take a test for yourself. Out of all the ones that you have been manifested with, how many of those brands would pass their recall test? Well the answer would surely be less than a hundred – coming to around 2.5 percentage of recall rate.  What is that distinguishing factor about these 2.5% – apart from their marketing strategies?

The answer lies in their branding. Branding which is comprehensive of its offerings, value, industry and everything that it stands for.  And what is the basal step of Branding?  “YOUR BUSINESS LOGO”! Logo that is responsible of building your primary impressions, the foundation of your identity and a visual that represents your very own business. Below in this blog we avail you with four reasons why having a professionally designed logo for your business is important.


A logo is the face of your Business

Your logo is nothing but your virtual extension. It is the first thing that your target audience will know about you – and hence your fundamental point of contact with them. In era with intensive shrinking interests, you simply have one chance to get it right. A logo is an erstwhile investment that would be your mate until your business is running. This is why having a professionally designed logo gets non – negotiable. Conceptualize your logo in a manner that it covers the nitty gritty of your firm. It should not only portray the business offerings but shall be the embodiment of every single notion that your company stands for.

What better than the Amazon Logo to substantiate this point? Below the words ‘Amazon’ runs an arrow from letter A to letter Z – implying that the company sells everything! It shows the ultimate reach of products that the brand has under its domain.  What a subtle way to present its selling propositions.


Logo aids in authentication and gives a Professional figure

In distinct markets, there would be a number of competitors fighting for the same group of audience. And in that clutter it becomes utmost essential to stand out and create your own brand name. Believe it or not, your logo aids a lot in this process. Its mere presence itself primarily assigns a factor of trust to the product. It makes your business look tangible. A professionally designed logo reflects that the person behind the label has actually spent resources in building it and depicts the sincerity of running the same. Thus the very first filter of having genuine offerings is achieved.  You just got a competitive edge over other firms.

Say, you have sent an email to your potential buyer, and the signature note has your company’s logo in it. It suddenly is not a spam worthy mail. It reveals that the source from which the mail has originated is reliable. And if the logo is made inviting, it grabs the viewers’ attention and probably gets the user to at least know what it is that the logo represents. Congratulations, your logo might have rewarded you with a new client

A brand mark is your personalized marketing tool

As mentioned earlier, logo becomes the first and the most critical part of your branding strategy. All the marketing mediums be it your business card, your website, products, advertisements would likely convey the image of the company – its characteristics, persona and values!  In every single mode of your communication, logo is omnipresent. It is a living symbol of your company’s existence. Thus having a well knitted corporate branding component is a mandate.


Logo helps in Good Brand Recall value, Loyalty and Recognition

Logos are usually memorable due to its distinctive  colors, shapes and all the aesthetics that it constitutes. At the minute – the whole customer acquisition theory revolves around establishing that connect. People don’t buy goods, they buy brands. Logo should have an inbuilt tendency to link emotionally with your consumers. It should be such that manifest a sense of pride to the consumer. With connect comes the brand loyalty upon which further strong branding foundations are laid.

How can we not talk about Nike’s swoosh sign when we talk about brand connect. The bare presence of that sign is responsible for its immense loyalty. The logo makes its consumer crave for buying the Nike product. That is the level of logo penetration that we are talking about. Same is true for the GAP merchandise. GAP has been throughout the years successful in developing an intimate relation with its consumers. More than the fabric intricacies, people care about the logo being heavily printed on all of its clothing.

Still think that your logo is a mere signage to your brand?


As Michael Beirut says, think of your logos as empty vessels and your task is to pour meaning to them.

Logos are the perpetual elements of the business, designing them with all the will is therefore pivotal for the success of any business. It defines who you are! Do not commit the mistake of loosely designing your company’s logos. For they carry all the potential of ending your business before it can actually rise. Nurture it as your seedling, it will reap you the benefits all through your business life!